• 8oz salmon and james b french
  • calamari
  • lincoln theater harlem sour drink
  • oysters streams
  • purple smoke cocktail
  • the wallace beauty mill cocktail

534 Scratch Kitchen

About us

534 Scratch Kitchen is a dream conceptualized in the hearts of three men who come from different worlds, but share a common desire…to impact their community! Their expertise runs the gamut from real estate and property development to mixologists, seasoned chefs, and restaurant consultants. It is a unique blend that achieves the desired goal to provide world-class service in a cool, yet sophisticated manner. Once you enter its doors, you will agree that 534 Scratch Kitchen does that and more!

Raised in South Florida, Eugene Aristil, Chef and Proprietor began his career in the culinary industry at a young age working in every aspect of the restaurant, eventually creating his own concept. Chef Eugene has traveled extensively throughout France and the Caribbean refining his technique and expanding what he has learned throughout his travels. Inspired by the old-world American taste and cuisine, he now infuses them with modern techniques adapting the new shared plate dining trend that has swept the nation.

Chef Eugene says, “Fresh food and craft drinks serve as the focal point for who we are and what we do while we pay homage to legendary performers and musicians including Erskine Hawkins, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, and B.B. King. All would perform and stay overnight at the famed Wells Built Hotel.” It is this atmosphere and cool vibe that establish 534 Scratch Kitchen as the premier gathering spot for people of all backgrounds.